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Evil Dead II Chainsaw Replica (GROOVY EDITION) This is the Chainsaw that Ash built inside of the workshed and cuts the barrel off of the shotgun creating the boomstick. You will receive an exact same replica that you see in the photo. 
Each chainsaw is made from an original Homelite XL chainsaw. Other than the 3D printed side grille, there are no plastic or resin reproduced parts. All pull strings are functional. Gas and oil caps are removable. All are fitted with the correct length chainsaw bar and real chain (20" bar and chain). The top handles are all hand cut, bent, and made. Choose between an aluminum body or a screen accurate plastic body. You can also pick your exhaust style you like better (Evil Dead II or Army of Darkness / Ash vs. Evil Dead).

Evil Dead II (GROOVY EDITION) Chainsaw Prop

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