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New Additions to the Evil Dead II Exhibit

Wadesboro, nc - Round 2


Shortly after Operation: Evil Dead Uproot, the following previously recovered cabin artifacts were purchased from a collector by the founder of Evil Dead Workshed.  These items have been added to the exhibit collection.



  • The front door of the Cabin with most of the framing.

  • The front door of the Workshed with the hinges still attached.

  • The upper Workshed loft door.

  • All of the tin sheeting from the awning that covered the front porch.

  • One 6 foot window with the shutters still attached.

  • Two interior doors.

  • The plank that I was missing from the Workshed. (Missing plank #A-10)

  • One set of window shutters from a 6 foot window.

  • One 3x3 sections of the fake chimney.


Now, on top of everything already collected from Operation: Evil Dead Uproot, the following items will also be displayed at the Horror Conventions:

The Cabin Front Door:


Attached below are two screenshots from the scene in Evil Dead 2 where Ash is running from the force as he entered the cabin. Notice the cuts and angles on the front door compared to the current photos of the recovered front door.

The Workshed Front Door and Upper Loft Door:


Notice the screenshot from Evil Dead II where Ash unlocks the Workshed, note that it is the same that the chain is hanging on as compared to the photos of the recovered door.




3x3 Section of the fake chimney:
Cabin window with shutters and extra set of shutters
Two Interior Doors:
Exterior Wall (reconstructed)
During Evil Dead Uproot the remains of an exterior wall were recovered. A new frame was built for re-attached wood and plaster sections.  The top panel still has a piece of vine stapled to it from the original set dressing.
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